“I don’t like the glamorous nights so much. I usually leave depressed and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the forced politeness. I like the local bar with the money in the jukebox and a pretty girl next to me.”
— Actor & Comedian Vince Vaughn

We can relate. First thing you’ll see when you walk into Transition Bar is a beautiful vintage head-turner AKA our jukebox.  A relic of the mid to late-80s, don’t let its age fool you; this machine sounds as amazing as it looks. Music is an important part of a great evening and not something we take lightly.  There’s nothing like the combination of quality music, company and adult beverage to keep you thoroughly entertained all night long.

We’re also pretty proud of the music selection.  Here are some of the artists you can expect to see on the lineup:

Janes Addiction
Billy Joel
Gap Band
Tribe Called Quest
David Bowie
Beastie Boys
Porno for Pyros
Tom Petty
Van Morrison
The Cars
Johnny Cash
Lou Reed
Stevie Wonder
Kool and the Gang

Pato Banton
Ray Charles
Old Crow
Violent Femmes
Charlie Daniels
Frank Zappa
The Strokes
The Crest
Talking Heads
Neil Young
Cypress Hill
Jim Groce
Pearl Jam
John Denver

Willie Nelson
Grateful Dead
Paul Simon
Elvis Costello
Bob Marley
Rolling Stones
Rusted Root
Sex Pistols
Tracey Chapman
Rage against the Machine
The Cure
Pink Floyd
Marvin Gaye
The Police

Something you’d like to see added to the list?  Shoot us an email HERE